~ Fort Hill Cemetery ~

Bradley Chapel Window Restoration Project


     This is the west end of the Bradley Chapel. The large stained glass window is receiving repair and new protective glass barrier.


This is the west window from the inside.


     This is the south wall of the Chapel. There are five windows along this wall.


     These are four of the five Chapel windows along the south wall.


Another view of the south wall windows.


     This picture was taken inside the Chapel, where the protective barriers were prepared for installation. These particular pieces fit the main window in the Tower. The 1/4" thick glass barrier consists of two pieces laminated to a plastic liner, similar to the 'safety glass' used in cars. The barriers were cut to shape in order to fit the aluminum frames which mimic the pattern of the stained glass windows.

     The Fort Hill Cemetery Association is deeply grateful for the financial assistance provided by the Fred L. Emerson Foundation. Through the professional talent and craft of the crew from Brennan Stained Glass Studios, the beauty of the Bradley Chapel windows will be enjoyed by generations to come.

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